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"I recently acquired an antique Steinway grand that had its action damaged in transport. After other piano technicians attempted to fix the problems the situation persisted and in many ways the problems worsened. Don Kulak of Soundcraft Piano was able to focus in on the source of the trouble and methodically went about correcting the many defective parts of the action, including a very successful reregulation. I had been so discouraged that I was ready to abandon the instrument, whose sound I knew would be very satisfying with the right adjustments. Don was perfect for the project, and I would recommend his technical and tuning skills to the most demanding musicians."

- Mike Levy St. Petersburg, FL

"Huge thank you for the fabulous work you did. I like the sound very much, and I am very thankful to you."

- Rumiya Masagutova Tampa, FL

My piano sounds wonderful. I am very pleased. I don't think my grand has sounded so good in quite some time. I thank-you for your meticulous care and concern about how it performs.

- Mary Rightmyer Spring Hill, FL

"The action is phenomenal.. The piano sounds awesome."

- Dave Balber Tampa, FL

"This is my 2nd tuning. An incredible job. Highly recommended. Lost the business card and after some research i was glad to have found them again."

- Luis Sanabria Lutz, FL

My son in law plays beautifully but hadn't played in years because the piano he had was so out of tune. i had called a couple of other tuners who made appts and didn't show up. Then I called Don. he made arrangements immediately and was at my son in law's house 2 days later. and what a fantastic job he did on a piano that BADLY needed the attention of a true professional. We are all grateful for Don's expertise and professionalism.

- Nancy Hensel Spring Hill, FL

"My 1924 BAUER grand piano has never sounded as good or performed as well ... I recommend SOUNDCRAFT PIANO."

- Chuck Rotollo New Port Richey, FL

"My old Mason & Hamlin has NEVER sounded so good. Not afraid to use the sustain pedal anymore - no squeaks! Thanks a bunch. I love it."

- Les Griffith New Port Richey, FL

Don Kulak has done a terrific job restoring my vintage Steinway Model O grand. The work included (but was not limited to) replacing the bass strings and installing all new action parts, followed by multiple tunings, voicing and regulation work that was required. I found Don to be an experienced, knowledgeable and talented technician. I was also impressed by his work ethic: in the course of this project he’s had to deal with many unexpected additional details, and he was always willing to see things through. Most importantly to me, as a musician, Don listened carefully to my input and ideas with regard to the sound and feel of the piano, and he did his best to understand and fulfill all my requests. Compared to my experience of dealing with many other piano technicians during my years as a classical pianist, I found Don to be very professional: he was prompt in our communications by phone and email, punctual in scheduling and keeping his appointments, and pleasant, courteous and unobtrusive during his visits. I am forever indebted to Don for giving my beloved Steinway a new life, and would highly recommend him to anyone who cares deeply about the tone and feel of their instrument.

- A Khieninson Tarpon Springs, FL

"Don Kulak from Soundcraft Piano is the best piano tuner I have ever hired. He tunes pianos with such care and precision that the sound quality is amazing."

- Cynthia Broemmelsick New Port Richey, FL