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Piano Rebuilding

For over 25 years we have been rebuilding pianos, from complete overhauls with all new action parts, strings, bridges, pinblocks, hammers and soundboards, to relatively minor procedures.

Sometimes there is just one weak link on a piano, with all other components in good working order. We carefully ascertain the overall condition and replace only those parts required for optimal performance.

This 1930 Knabe grand piano was literally resurrected from the scrap heap, having been through a fire, a flood, and stored over five years in a non-climate controlled storage unit. Virtually everything except the soundboard, which still had adequate crown, was replaced. Now it has a tone and touch to die for. The Knabe scale design and larger soundboard area (relative to other pianos this length) made this instrument worthy of a complete overhaul.

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To read detailed information on the rebuilding process and how each component relates to the overall tone quality, see our book "Vital Sound."

These treble bridges were installed to get a better sound transmission from the strings to the soundboard, resulting in a clearer, richer tone with longer sustain. The old bridges had hairline cracks and were slightly loose, thus creating poor termination points. This caused loss of power, sustain, and definition.

Sometimes the loose bridge pins could be epoxied into the bridge, thus eliminating the need for a completely new bridge. In this case, the wood was old and brittle. Replacing the bridge was the best option.