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Piano Appraisals

If you want to know what your piano is worth, for insurance or tax purposes, resale or tax deductable donations etc., our piano appraisals will ascertain the condition and market value of your piano.

At Soundcraft Piano we perform comprehensive, detailed appraisals to determine any piano's true market value. We provide the "as-is" value as well as value enhancement from any work that may be required.

Each component of the piano is thoroughly checked, from the smallest action part, to soundboard, bridge, and case condition. In many cases, only relatively minor adjustments are required to drastically improve the sound and touch of a piano.

Over the years we have met far too many people looking to get rid of their pianos because they sounded bad, or the action was unresponsive. Many times a relatively simple voicing procedure regains the piano’s rich, resonant tone. Or, it may only need an action regulation in order to bring back the power and responsiveness of a high performance instrument. These things need to be known in order to place an accurate value on your piano. That is to say, what it is worth before and after repairs, how do these repairs translate into performance, or should the piano be replaced?

In many cases it is better off to invest a little in the instrument rather than give up on it and sell it below market value.

At Soundcraft Piano we will do a complete evaluation your instrument and tell you how to get the most return on your piano investment. The strings, hammers and other action parts are more easily replaced/repaired. The piano’s primary structural components - the soundboard, bridges, and pinblock are the most difficult and expensive to replace or repair. An accurate assessment of these parts is vital to evaluating an instrument.

Many people over react if they see cracks in the soundboard, and jump to the conclusion that the pieno is not worth much and cannot perform properly. This is simply not true in many cases. What is far more important is if the soundboard still has adequate crown, or a slightly convex shave. This helps amplify the strings more effectively - providing power and resonance as well as longer sustaining notes. This is one of the first things we look for in evaluating a piano.

Contact us to discuss the value of your piano and recommendations to improve performance.