All Work Performed by
Steinway-Trained Technicians

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Soundcraft Piano is a full service piano tuning, repair, and rebuilding shop in Trinity, FL, and servicing the Tampa Bay area.

Established in 1990, Soundcraft does complete piano restorations including new strings, pinblocks, soundboards, action parts, hammers, bridges and keys. We also do case refinishing and piano moving. All work is done by Steinway-trained technicians.

For a faster, lighter, more responsive touch, we also provide complete action regulation.

See our published articles and books on piano acoustics for more on your piano's performance potential.

Get a piano appraisal to know the true market value of your piano in its current condition, and potential value after any needed work.

We also provide replacement value for insurance claims.

Don't know whether to sell, trade-in or rebuild your piano? Get a free consultation with our technicians.

Get a clearer, richer sound from your piano with our free special report on hammer voicing.

Learn what it takes to get optimal sound qualityfrom your piano with our newly released book - "Vital Sound".