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The following reports are reprints, courtesy of our sister organization
The Independent Music Retailers Association (IMRA).

All reports are $5.95 ea. (includes shipping and handling).
Contact us for quantity discounts.


Increasing Store Profits - the Big Picture
Making a Million With Database Marketing
Increasing Market Share
Using Newsletters to Increase Store Traffic
Price Advertising - the Winner by Default
Database Marketing - Knowing Your Customers
Retail Consumer Incentives
Creative Partnering for Retail Success
Using Computers to Increase Your Bottom Line
Database/Relationship Marketing - Maximizing Sales and Reducing Risk
Sales Generating Alternative Marketing
Retail Strategies - the big picture part 2
Newspaper "Op Ed" Pages as a Marketing Vehicle
The Value of Partnering - Key to a New Paradigm
The Times They Are A Changin'
Using Specialized Newsletters for
Direct Sales and Free Media Publicity
The Psychology of Advertising - How to Position Your Ad Spots For Increased Response
Marketing to African Americans
Winning Back Retail Customers with Database Marketing


Retail Management
Polygram Petition on Returns Policies
Lease Negotiations - Not For Amateurs
Solutions for Misguided Major Label Policy
Major Manufacturers Charged With Price Fixing
Action To Reverse Major Label Returns Policies
Acquiring Investment Dollars Through Asset-Based Lenders
Independent Retailers in Class Action Suit Against Majors
Lost Co-op Advertising Compensation For Independent Retailers
Independent Book Retailers Battle Publishers
Permits, Finger Printing Required to Sell Used CDs
IMRA Lawsuit Settled
IMRA Discounted Credit Card Processing Plan
Predatory Retail Pricing Spreads To Target Stores
How To Combat Superstore Sprawl
Atlantic Records and Store Owners Debate Pricing/Service Policies
CDs Sold Before Street Date
CD Pricing






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