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Marketing Strategies and Distribution #M-115
Target your market with more precision, less expense, and better results, while leveraging your resources to enter new, profitable markets. Topics include:

· Exploiting associations for higher profits
· Cooperative marketing to expand your marketing resources
· Finding and opening new markets
· Selling profitably through direct mail (writing high-response, order-producing copy: targeted list selection with minimal waste; finding and distributing other products for a higher rate of return)
· Getting free publicity in mainstream media
· Selling hundreds of thousands of units to the lucrative premium/incentive market
· Working with libraries and book publishers to cut costs and expand distribution
· More opportunities with special, non-record store sales
· Producing cash-generating newsletters Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Marketing Strategies
Pg. 1. Using Associations and Co-op Marketing for Higher Profits
3. Selling Profitable Through Direct Mail; Free Publicity
5. Cooperative Marketing and Mailouts
7. Profitable Trade Show Exhibiting
11. Opening New Markets
15. Direct Mail Marketing
19. Selling to the Premium/Incentive Market
23. Promotion Through Movie Theaters
Alternative Marketing
25. More Opportunities With Special Sales
29. Working with Libraries and Book Publishers
31. Newsletters
35. Sales-Generating Alternative Marketing
41. Independent Distribution
The Distribution Game
5. Introduction
47. Piracy and Bootlegging
49. Presentation
51. Dealing With Distributors
53. Independent Retail Marketing
56. Marketing on the Internet
71. How to Get Free Publicity
75. Creating Effective Press Kits
77. From Production to Consumer: How Do We Get There?
79. Promotion Through Print and Electronic Media
83. A Look at the Marketing Campaign: A Case Study


Marketing For Record Labels -
A Guide To Effective Distribution
Sixty-four pages of strategic marketing information covers:

· Getting prominent retail store positioning: use local business tie-ins, in-store performances, special promotions, and consumer incentives to get highly visible displays at retail
· How to use newsletters and special reports to: build a loyal customer base, create new order-producing outlets for your product, create an extra revenue stream, and receive mainstream media coverage.
· Become a multi-faceted, more profitable company by incorporating clubs and booking agents into your business
· Selling through catalog houses
· Use resource listings for radio station contacts, review media, wire services, and trade shows.
· Synergistic direct mail marketing that reduces costs and increases response

"Thank-you very much for my copy of Marketing strategies - A Guide to Effective Distribution. This book is packed with thousands of dollars worth of savings in time, research, and money." - Reggie Komet, Tunnel Vision Records, Burbank, CA


Radio Promotion # R-117
Seasoned radio promoters share their strategies for breaking records on the air, including effective promotional mailouts, drawing attention to your record at the station, using station-centered communications, overcoming objections, working with all levels of personnel, and, if all else fails, when the front door is locked, how to get through the back! College Radio is also covered. What are the benefits of college radio airplay to unestablished artists? Does college radio sell records? How are the charts determined? What is the most effective college radio promotion? If you are releasing music which will be exposed via this format you need to answer these questions with this report.

Table of Contents
Pg. 1. Getting On A Commercial Radio Playlist
3. If The Front Door Is Locked, Try The Back
7. Perspective of Perception Being Reality
11.Communicating Effectively With Radio Personnel
13.College Radio Airplay/Radio Charting
15.College Radio promotion: A View From The Inside
17. Interactive Radio: Music Marketing Reaches New Heights

The Media Monopoly #R118
Who really controls the airwaves, and the content you ultimately hear? This investigative report reveals hidden truths behind the control of public and commercial broadcasting.

· Media Power and the Takeover of Public Broadcasting · The Corporate Takeover of Broadcasting
· FM Breeds Contempt: The Evolution of the FM Music Format


The Japanese Music Market # I-118
Breaking a record in the lucrative Japanese market is no easy task, but well worth the effort. To negotiate the best licensing or distribution deal, one must first understand Japanese customs, and avoid unnecessary misunderstandings or unfulfilled expectations. An entire chapter covers presentation and negotiation with the Japanese, including subtle, but essential things such as dress, etiquette, gestures, social/business traditions, company hierarchy, etc. Other sections cover the music industry infrastructure; market trends; distribution channels; export trading/management companies; importers, retailers, and market research firms.

The European Music Market #I-119

· European Compilations - Breaking into Europe by the back door
· European Distribution - How to get into the system
· Doing Business in the Netherlands - A profile on Van Records
· Import/Export Insurance to Increase Market penetration
· European Festival Circuit
· European Radio Alternative
· Independent Music in France

Cross Cultural Marketing - Selling to Hispanics #I-120
If you want to sell big numbers to the Hispanics, you can scrap your English-speaking campaign. This report shows how to mold your marketing around the Hispanic culture, target the appropriate media, and effectively reach your prospective customers - en masse.



The Right Way to Run an Indy Label #122
Seasoned pro Mark Wilkins shows you ins and outs of running a successful independent record company - from the initial planning/research stages to mega-sale records. Insightful sections include:

· Writing Contracts
· Bar Codes
· Scouting Talent - Who to Sign
· Press Releases and One Sheets
· Promotion Procedure and Strategy
· Tour Promotion and Follow-up
· Promotion to Stores and Distributors
· Radio and Publication Inquiry Letters

Starting a Record Label -
Agreements and Contracts for Success
The first section explains what you need to know about contracts in general. This is followed by sample contracts and explanations on the nature of each, and precautions on what to include, and what to leave out. The contracts covered include:

· Partnership agreements
· Management and agent agreements
· Licensing agreements
· Distribution agreements
· Publishing agreements
· Distribution one-sheets


The Art of Music Mastering #S-112
Far too many artists consider their job done after supervising the final mixdown to two-track stereo. Yet, often the tracks and overdubs were done at different times, and in different studios, and by engineers with different ears. These and other sonic irregularities take time to master properly. Learn how to get a high quality master without falling victim to the "time conscious" engineer who proceeds to roll off the high highs, cut off anything below 100 Hz, and boost the 150Hz range, thereby making it a "safe" master.


Recording Classical Music -
Bringing Out Natural Sound

In the late 50's pianist Dave Brubeck made history with his quartet - the live album that resulted helped to bring recognition to the jazz genre as an art form. Today, his son Dan also records live with his quartet, the Dolphins. Part of the DMP fold, the ensemble rides the wave of new recording technology. *


Music Retailing -
How to Double Your Bottom Line
The proliferation of mega-discounters and record clubs have driven many music retailers out of business. Some retailers, however, are doing better than ever. This report will give you insight into their success, including:

· Database Marketing - Maximizing Sales and Reducing Risk
· Winning Back Customers
· Long-term Customer Retention
· Using Computers for Higher Profits
· Knowing your customers - The key to music retailing success